How Kinesiology Works


Have you Heard of the Term Kinesiology?

A lot of people have heard of the term Kinesiology, but few are certain of what it is exactly. Kinesiology is a non invasive energetic healing science which utilises a combination of ancient, eastern science and western advances in health to balance the body. The effective results come from the way practitioners work with your body and its innate natural healing intelligence to restore neurological and physiological function. They use muscle monitoring to look at imbalances in your body and determine what strengthens and what weakens your system. When physical pressure is applied and your body is impacted positively, the grid remains strong, balanced and capable of functioning at full capacity.



The Scientific Explanation

In scientific terms, Kinesiology means muscle monitoring, muscle feedback and kinetics of the body. Put more simply, Kinesiology is muscle monitoring and gentle muscle testing. Practitioners use the gentle muscle test in order to find what is stressing your body and/or weakening it. In addition, it allows them to find what is required in order to strengthen your body too. Your body is an exquisite thing and it knows what it needs in order to strengthen itself and heal. It self regulates every moment of every day and through muscle feedback and monitoring we allow ourselves to ask the right questions which enable your body to tell you what it needs to improve itself.


Your Body’s Benefits

As mentioned earlier, Kinesiology is defined as the use of muscle testing to identify imbalances in your body’s structural, chemical, and emotional energy. Kinesiologists undertake years of training to be able to access the movement of energy around your body and brain which means you will experience not only physical, but mental benefits too.  Kinesiology helps your body to improve itself in numerous ways with one of the main perks being the release of stress (Isn’t that what we all dream of)! This includes physical, nutritional and emotional stress which allows your body to more easily go about its natural processes. Your body will act more efficiently after a Kinesiology session and you will even notice your overall productivity, mentality and physicality improve. It’s a Win-Win process really.


Your Body’s Electrical Grid

Your body has within it an electrical network or a “Grid”. When something impacts the electrical system that isn’t enhancing your health, your muscles will react negatively. When physical pressure is applied to your muscles in this state they are unable to hold their strength and will cause your body to overload and weaken. However, when physical pressure is applied and your body is impacted positively, the “Grid” remains strong, balanced and capable of functioning at full capacity.

Kinesiology works with your body’s natural functions to create alignment and connections that allow your body to do what it does best and naturally heal.


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