The Benefits of Kinesiology

Release – Reset – Restore

Kinesiology is a proactive, holistic approach to health. Supporting the mind, body and spirit to utilise its own natural energy and achieve overall healing and wellness. ⁠Your body knows exactly how to heal itself and with the support of your Kinesiologist you can help your body work most efficiently. Utilising Kinesiology helps you to RELEASE the stress, RESET your body, and RESTORE peace within.

Benefits More Than Just Your Body

Kinesiology looks at the body, mind and spirit. The practise of Kinesiology is different to other treatments as all 3 aspects are taken into consideration. The body is not merely just made up of muscle, or just made up of your soul. The body is complex and has many factors which influence its function. Therefore, Kinesiologists believe all these factors should be looked at when assessing a patient as all these aspects affect how the body functions daily. There may be multiple elements that are out of kilter in your body or mind, or merely one that needs to be dealt with or worked on. A Kinesiologist releases tension in the body through muscle release and massage, this helps the body shift the pent up energy and can result in the body feeling comfortable, flexible and “free”. Thus leaving you feeling whole again and ready to function at your optimum.


A Proactive Approach To Your Health

You have one body so look after your health wisely! Kinesiology can assist you with keeping your health in tiptop shape to live an abundant life. The positive impacts which Kinesiology have are endless, as you can read through this blog.

In our opinion, the greatest impact which your body can experience from Kinesiology is homeostasis. After just one session you may experience homeostasis occurring which is the act of your body restoring balance. Homeostasis helps the body to release stress and anxiety (improving mental stressors), as well as injuries in the body. This can result in you potentially having a pain-free body. Mental stressors and physical symptoms are both struggles many people are faced with, however there is a belief that Kinesiologists are only there to help with pain. At Health With Heart Kinesiology, we believe both are equally important. Lots of people find themselves visiting a Kinesiologist after a traumatic event. This is because Kinesiology helps with the process of shock and trauma. It also helps to release emotional triggers and you may find yourself being able to control your responses better. 

Kinesiology also affects your mental state positively in that it clears your mind. Kinesiology can determine issues before they become seriously problematic, therefore we can say Kinesiology helps you to become proactive rather than reactive⁠. Ask anyone, and they will tell you that being proactive is far better than being reactive. Whether it’s in business or your general wellbeing, you always want to prevent problems from occurring. This results in better time management and efficiency in your life. In addition, it helps clear the cause of procrastination and helps to assist with motivation and life direction⁠.


Choose Kinesiology

Kinesiology aims to detect, identify the cause and correct imbalances that may relate to stress, nutrition or minor injuries. Therefore one may notice an improvement in all these areas when Kinesiology is applied. The reasons as to why you should choose Kinesiology are endless! It has an infinite number of benefits, including:

          ⇒ Restore clarity

          ⇒ Restore focus 

          ⇒ Restore awareness

          ⇒ Assists with feeling stuck or disconnected⁠ 

          ⇒ Restores comfort and increases flexibility

Essentially, it aligns your energy with your goals. Kinesiology empowers you to make conscious decisions and it enhances your self-awareness. Overall Kinesiology will help you feel better⁠ and if these benefits aren’t enough to make you run to Health With Heart, we don’t know what will!


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