Kinesiology for Athletes

Train. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Elite athletes dedicate almost their entire life to their chosen discipline. They live, breathe, eat, sleep and dream about their sport. They lie in bed envisaging the start line, feeling their breath, listening to their heart beat and blocking out all other noise.  They eat their breakfast re-watching their last race or game and try to figure out what they can change to make it better next time.  They visit endless amounts of specialists, dietary specialists, muscle toning specialists, strength specialists, race / game specialists, the list goes on and on.  Imagine if this got taken away?  What they have worked towards for years gets stripped away in a heartbeat, in a split second, in a time construct that is less than the race, the performance, the game they have trained for day in and day out. Essentially their entire way of being no longer exists…Imagine how that might feel.  Being a Kinesiologist, I have seen it all. I have worked with the elderly, the young, the sick, the injured, the average person, and yes, even the heartbroken athlete.

Kinesiology is for all athletes!

Kinesiology helps all injuries, not just the “lowkey” ones. Tough rugby players with broken arms, swimmers with misplaced discs, ballet dancers with sprained ankles. We can assist you and meet you wherever you are. An athlete who has a major injury may miss the upcoming competition, but at Health with Heart, we will do our utmost best to ensure your recovery time is quicker and easier then your previous experience. We aim to have you up and running, swimming, cycling, gyming, dancing, whatever it is, in the shortest time possible. We help to bring your shattered dream back together piece by piece to ensure you’re back in the game doing what you love.



Proactive Vs Reactive

Being an elite athlete is about being smart. Ask any top athlete – what is the difference between a good athlete and a great athlete? Yes mental stability, determination, discipline, the list is endless. But talking to top athletes, they will always tell you the key is recovery! Leading into race / game week, the better rested athlete will perform the best. It’s science, it’s knowledge, it’s fact! The athlete with no injury, the athlete with zero pain will perform and race better, they will be in a better mental state as their mind is on one thing – winning, not “will my muscle snap again”? In order to ensure you are set up correctly to race or perform at your peak, being proactive is a must. Kinesiology can help with this. At Health with Heart we can help with prevention treatment, rehab and recovery. This will ensure you’re better equipped for the next training session which will make you a better athlete in the long run.


How badly do you want that gold medal?

Kinesiology is not just for the average person. More and more athletes are realising they need to do more to win that gold medal, get that qualifying time, or break that record. This means being prepared to be proactive with your recovery or doing what other athletes are not – this is where kinesiology comes into play. 

No matter whether you are an amateur athlete just starting out or an elite athlete going for gold, if you’re looking to improve on the little things, connect with Roxanne, our friendly Kinesiologist at Health with Heart Kinesiology.


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