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She has been so wonderfully inspired and genuine that I tend to think this is a new beginning for us.

I was supposed to be visiting her myself to get in tune with ME – but one of my mini humans fell in a heap with asthma. Roxanne let my son take my place and spent hours – yes hours with him, one on one – to discover the underlying causes of his illness and… Read more “She has been so wonderfully inspired and genuine that I tend to think this is a new beginning for us.”

Niki Burton

I simply couldn’t believe the difference!

I am truly delighted to share my story to recommend Roxanne to everyone.  After the very traumatic birth of my dear Son. I was left with many serious injuries. I was in constant pain, could barely walk and even lifting my dear Son into my arms brought tears of pain to my eyes. At 6… Read more “I simply couldn’t believe the difference!”

Shoshana FitzGerald

After accidental over exposure with a highly toxic cattle chemical for buffalo fly, I became seriously ill with shocking headaches, night sweats, hallucinations, head was burning at the back of the neck, bed ridden for 3 days with insomnia for 2-3 days. After little to no help from my GP and the poisons information centre… Read more “”

Years of frustration and different types of treatments, drugs and pills, none of which helped with my menopause. I had every symptom known in the books for the Dr’s and had them for over 5 years. I was introduced to Roxanne and within a few months I could notice the difference within my body and… Read more “”


Ella and I started seeing Roxanne earlier this year and things have never looked better. My daughter now has no belly problems after 4 years and is nearly night time dry for the first time ever. We now live in a happy healthy home. Thank you Roxanne

My back pain had stopped me from playing golf after a few sessions with Roxanne I am now playing golf again.

G. Johnson

My daughter used to have siezures and since having kinesiology she has now connected and no longer has siezures.

I have had no feeling in my knee for over ten years after a reconstruction after a session at health with heart I can now feel most of my knee again.

I have had 8 years of menopause and thanks to Roxanne I have now spent 6 months balancing my hormones and no longer have hot flushes, mood swings or night horrors.

My belly used to bloat after every meal now exactly which foods to eat to keep my stomach comfortable.

My child used to wet the bed every night and after a couple of balancing sessions with Roxanne she now has more dry nights than wet. Thank you

I have been driving trucks for years and my lower back has been causing me problems for as long as I can remember, I dont know how she does it but she’s a ‘people mechanic’

My daughter of 16 has been unable to learn to read at school a few months ago we got referred to health with heart and after 8 months she can now understand what the teacher is writing. Thank you

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About Us

Here at Health with Heart kinesiology on the gold coast we help people find answers and release stress in order to create balance & happiness in their lives. We support our clients to live life to the fullest, creating freedom and abundance in all aspects of life. Through gentle muscle testing we find what is stressing the body and how to strengthen it to allow the body to rebalance and function with ease. Your body knows exactly how to heal itself we are here to help find the connections so your body can do what it does best. Its Your Life Your Health and Your Future, There’s lots of different versions of you. We are here to help support you to be the best you that you can possibly be.

    Our Services Includes:


    • Detoxing

    • Diet planning

    • Allergies/Sensitivities

    • Pain

    • Nutritional Support

    • Weight loss

    • Behavioural problems

    • Injuries- from head to toe –from acute to long term

    • Learning difficulties

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