⁠In our last blog we spoke about what Kinesiology is. We wanted to delve deeper this blog and talk about what the benefits are. You will have seen us talk about utilising kinesiology to restore the bodies natural balance through muscle testing, but what does this mean and how does this make you feel better?

The body has an electrical network or grid. When something impacts the electrical system that isn’t enhancing or maintaining your health and your bodies balance, your muscles become unable to hold their strength.

To put it simply, your body has within it a network or a grid. When something impacts this network that isn’t enhancing to your health and body balance, your muscles will react negatively. When physical pressure is applied to your muscles in this state they are unable to hold their strength and will cause your body to overload and weaken. However, when physical pressure is applied and your body is impacted positively, the grid remains strong, balanced and capable of functioning at full capacity. This is the process of muscle testing and it’s how we identify what is causing stress to your body and subsequently rebalance and realign.

Kinesiology has an abundance of positive impacts on the human body including:

🍃Helping your body restore balance (homeostasis)⁠
🍃Helps release stress and anxiety⁠
🍃Helps process shock and trauma⁠
🍃Releases emotional triggers or reactions⁠
🍃Helps you become proactive rather than reactive⁠
🍃Releases negative emotional effects of depression, guilt, anger, phobias, addictions⁠
🍃Can help locate the cause of physical symptoms⁠
🍃Helps with social interaction and relationship problems⁠
🍃Assists with learning difficulties and concentration⁠
🍃Assists with motivation and life direction⁠
🍃Helps clear the cause of procrastination⁠
🍃Improves clarity, focus, awareness⁠
🍃Assists with feeling stuck or disconnected⁠
🍃Aligns your energy with your goals⁠
🍃Empowers you to make conscious decisions⁠
🍃Enhances self-awareness⁠
🍃It helps you feel better⁠

We only have one body to live our lives in. We deserve to have it operating at its peak.